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Sunday, July 12, 2009
Getting Pumped Up
Hey guys, it's been an awkward dash from graduating and having that momentum, all of a sudden disappear, due to getting sick on and off and being tempted by the procrastination monster. It's been pretty hard to get pumped again and get the engines revving lately.
Regardless, that's all behind me now. It's time to look forward and see what I can do. I have tons of ideas roaming around in this noggin I call my head, and as great as it sounds, it does not matter if you never begin on that project as a friend once mentioned indirectly.
I decided I'll deal with that after I've dealt with some other things that I consider a higher priority, like creating my reel >.>
I decided to look at all my animation from freshmen year to now and my god...! Quite horrible...but I figured out one thing, that there was something I wanted to execute but did it poorly, and want to do it properly, since I have the time to actually do it. So far I only did it for one of my animations which was my superhero walk, transforming into another character. Even that is still in need of improvements but I am satisfied for now.

My next target is to remaster hair blowing from my 1st year final. I remember that I was so proud of that animation back then and surprisingly enough...had one of the 3rd year or seniors asking me tips on how to animate hair. Looking back at it now, I can find so many holes in the animation that I just have an urge to re-do it.

Starting tomorrow I'll be helping out at bobsyouruncle, located in the lower east side, due to Mikhail recommending me, when they were in a pinch. Since he recommended me, I'll try to do my best and make sure that everyone knows that he didn't choose the wrong guy.
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